About Wallow wallpaper

Wallow is a lightweight, minimal wallpaper that changes with the time of day.

This live wallpaper cycles through calm minimal colors that match the changing of the colors in the sky. It allows for a clean uncluttered phone screen so you can focus on what is important to you. The colors get darker as the sun sets helping to reduce eye fatigue as you unwind and go to bed.

It is truly a simple yet beautiful wallpaper for those that want to keep their phones "fresh" throughout the day.

Feature highlights:

  • Gorgeous wallpaper that constantly changes to match the time of day
  • Beautiful minimal background to create stunning morning light, sunrise, sunset, midnight, and more backgrounds
  • Reduces eye strain by using darker backgrounds for late in the night and brighter backgrounds during the day
  • Color changes gradually and smoothly throughout the day
  • Never see the same color combinations in 24 hours
  • Literally thousands of color combinations
  • Tiny installation size
  • Works on any size screen, including tablets without stretching or distortion
  • AMOLED/OLED screen support with complete blackout
  • Dark mode support with active dimming when activated
  • Adjust sunset and sunrise time
  • Stars display at night (optional)
  • Create your own CUSTOM live wallpaper theme
  • Customize the default wallow live wallpaper with your own color

Because I love you:

Does not feature any advertisements
Does not download any bulky assets in the background

If you've reached this far, you might want to download wallow and see for yourself.

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